car excess travel insurance     Car Hire Excess vs Travel Insurance

It's true, many travel insurance policies do include car hire excess cover, but there are quite a few restrictions to pay attention to. If you're not sure whether you need a standalone excess reduction policy or if travel insurance is enough, we're here to help.

Don't feel wooly headed, get geared up and ready to go with our 8 pros of hire car excess.

1. You get more cover

Travel insurance policies typically only cover up to around $6,000, if you’re needing more cover for a camper or fancy set of wheels standalone policies like ours cover up to $8,000.

2. You pay NO excess

If your hire car is involved in an accident or is stolen while in your care, we will reimburse you for the full excess, or the cost of repairing the vehicle, whichever is sheeper. So if you do have a ding you pay nothing, zero, zilch, nada! However if you have an accident and claim through your travel insurance you’ll still be liable to pay an excess.

3. Windscreen, tyres & underbody covered

Exclusions usually apply to rental excess cover through your travel insurance, but not with us. Whether you've scraped the bumper, or put a ding in your door, we'll cover your windscreen, tyres and underbody damages with no questions asked. Maaa...vellous! 

4. All are welcome

Unlike most standard travel insurance policies, you don't have to be an Australian resident to purchase a policy when driving down under with Aussies can also buy a policy when hiring a car overseas. Say what! Compare our products.

5. All drivers included

Travel insurance is priced on a per person basis so if you have more than one driver, you'll need insurance for each person. Whereas we cover all licensed drivers aged 21 to 75 who are listed on your rental vehicle agreement with no furries!

6. There are no timing restrictions

If you’re visiting Australia from overseas and wish to buy travel insurance once you’re here, many insurers will not allow you to buy cover if you’ve already been in the country more than 14 days. But with, you can buy rental vehicle excess so matter when you set foot in the land of plenty. Yippee!

7. There are no distance restrictions

For a domestic travel insurance policy to “kick in” as it were, you have to be driving a certain distance away from your home - usually around 50-250km. Whereas at CHE you can pick a car up 2 minutes from your home if you'd like and you’re still insured.

8. Our policies are cheaper for longer

The longer you hire a car for, the cheaper our daily rate becomes. However travel insurance costs remain the same irrespective of how long you hire your vehicle for.

Don’t forget, there's no medical cover with domestic travel insurance

The main reason people purchase travel insurance is because of the medical benefits. However domestic policies generally do not include these.

So what are you waiting for?

You’d be baaarmey not to buy car hire excess with Baaaney instead. A policy with CHE could cost as little as $10* a day and if you do have an accident, no matter if it's to the underbody or tyres, you pay nothing, zero, zilch, nada! Get a quote now!

For heaps more handy helpers, check out our rental excess guides.

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