What we dont cover  Car hire excess exclusions

Rules were meant to be broken, except when it comes to road safety. While we celebrate adventure out on the highway, we expect you to take reasonable care of your car and yourself at all times. We also like to keep things simple- if your car hire company has specified they will not cover something- it’s unlikely that we will either. 

Don’t get fleeced on your next road trip. Keep reading to learn the various exclusions that apply to your car hire excess cover:

What we don't cover 

  • Breach of rental agreement: We like to keep things simple- if your car hire company has specified they will not cover something; such as when you hit an animal, or drive on unsealed roads, it’s unlikely that we will cover you either.

    Not acting responsibly: Your need for speed may land you a part in the 'Fast and the Furriest' but it could also jeapordize your cover. If you were found to be intentionally racing or speeding you wouldn't be covered for any accidents that occur as a consequence

  • Drink driving: Think twice before hitting the road after a few drinks at the baaa. If you’re affected by alcohol or any other drug while behind the wheel you would not be covered.  

  • Driving without a license: The herd may say you're a good driver, but without a license you ain't going nowhere. Driving without a legitimate driving licence is prohibited by law and would not be covered.  

  • Breaking the law: We cannot cover you if you act illegally or break any government prohibition or regulations including visa requirements. 

  • Professional driving: Hey there Sheepbastian Vettal! Regardless of your tarmac technique you would not be covered for driving that is professional in any way (this includes all motorsports).  

  • Buying too late: Late to the excess cover party? We cannot cover you if you have already picked up your car. You must buy a policy before you've hit the road. 

    Mental conditions: We cannot insure you if you wish to make a claim which is in any way related to depression, anxiety, stress, mental or nervous conditions. 

  • Acts of war: If your car is found to contain biological and/or chemical materials, or you have the intention to use it to cause harm others cover would automatically be denied. 

Please read your policy documentation (known as the Product Disclosure Statement) to get a full list of definitions and general exclusions that apply to your policy. 

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Although we cover a range of car calamities, some exclusions still apply to your cover.

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