Rental Car Excess

Don't get fleeced by your hire car company. You can reduce your excess and have
more cash to splash when you buy car hire excess insurance with Baaaney.


Car Hire Excess


If your hire car is involved in an accident or is stolen while in your care, we will reimburse you for the  excess, or the cost of repairing the vehicle, whichever is sheeper.

windscreen tyres

Windscreen, Tyres
& More

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a small scrape, a cracked windscreen or a busted tyre won’t turn into thousands of dollars of repair costs and fees.


All Types of

Hired a Ferrari? That's slick! A VW camper? Groovy! We don't judge your ride. So long as your vehicle doesn't exceed 4.5 tonnes we've got you covered.

All rental companies

All Companies

We provide rental vehicle excess insurance for all major car hire brands.  As long as the company is licensed, you're good to go. Now that's shear convenience!

Australian domicile


You don't have to be an Aussie to purchase a policy when driving down under. Aussies can also buy a policy when hiring a car overseas.

single vehicle

Single & Multi
Car Accidents

Whether you're involved in a single car accident or a 10-car motorway pile up we don't discriminate. We cover all collisions, assuming your rental company does too!

vehicle return


Under the weather? If a medical advisor certifies that you are unfit to drive, we will pay up to $500 to return your rental car to the nearest depot.

nominated drivers


We cover all licensed drivers listed on your rental vehicle agreement. Drivers aged 21 to 75 years can hit the road with no furries!

We're still here for ewe!

Got questions? Baaaney and his customer service sheeple are working remotely, and answering emails within 48-72 hours. Contact us today!

Easy as vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom.

Relax. We cover your rental car excess costs and include additional benefits that hire car companies charge for.  In the event of a collision, or if the car is damaged or stolen while in your care your rental company will usually charge your credit card for the excess or repair costs you are liable for –  and that's where we come in. Submit a claim with us to be reimbursed for the excess amount you were charged with no hiccups.  All we need is a copy of the rental agreement and a receipt showing how much you have been billed. Too easy!


 Car Hire Excess Insurance FAQs

  • Is car hire excess insurance the same as car hire insurance?
  • No, they are different things.

    Most hire cars automatically come with insurance as the rental car company would insure their fleet of cars.  This cost is usually built into the daily car hire cost that you pay.  However, every rental car comes with an excess amount, which is the amount that you would need to pay if any damage or theft were to happen to your vehicle when in your care. In essence, we cover your rental vehicle excess amount. Simply put, if you damage the car while it is in your possession, the car rental company will assess the cost to repair the damage and will charge your credit card an excess or the cost for repair if it is less. That is the amount that we reimburse you.

  • What types of rental vehicles do you cover?
  • We cover rental vehicles that do not exceed 4.5 tonnes and those that do not require a special licence to drive, this includes campervans and motorhomes. We also cover the excess for sedans, hatchbacks or station-wagons, four wheel drives and mini buses/people movers.  You must however be hiring your vehicle from a commercial motor vehicle rental company.

  • How much am I covered for?
  • The excess amount insured with us starts at $4,000 and can be increased by increments of $1,000. The maximum you would be covered for is  $8,000.

  • Does my policy cover all car rental companies?
  • Our policy covers you for all licensed rental companies such as Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Budget or Thrifty. However we do not cover for car sharing schemes like Car Next Door. 

  • How much does it cost?
  • Rental companies charge big bucks for excess insurance, so say no at the depot and get cover with Baaaney for 50%* less than at the rental depot. They usually charge between $25-$35 dollars a day, but with you can pay as little as $9* a day. Not only is it cheaper, but  our excess in Nil, so you pay nothing in the event of a claim. *based on 12 day car hire in NSW.

  • Should I get rental vehicle excess with my travel insurance?
  • Both domestic and international travel insurance often include cover for hire car excess or you can add it on for an additional premium. One advantage of travel insurance is that it covers you for more than just car rental. However, it can be an expensive option for short trips and it's charged on a per person basis so if you have more than one driver, you'll need insurance for each person.

    There are also quite a few restrictions to pay attention to. When you buy cover with travel insurance you won't typically get addtional protection for windscreen, tyres and underbody damages. With, we cover all of these things.  What's more, we cover all licensed drivers who are listed on your rental vehicle agreement with no furries! Learn more information about rental excess restrictions with travel insurance.

  • Should I tell my rental vehicle company that I already have car hire excess insurance?
  • It doesnt matter if you do, but it’s not necessary to tell them. Just make sure that you say no when you are offered cover at the counter – you certainly don’t want to end up doubling up!

  • Am I covered for third party insurance?
  • The car hire excess you purchase with us does not automatically include third party cover. Most rental car insurance covers for third party damages which is incluced as part of the cost of hiring the car. Learn more about third party cover.

  • Who are
  • Relax, it doesn't matter if you haven't heard of us. You can drive with peace of mind as we're underwritten by Certain Underwriters of Lloyds - the world’s largest insurance market. Learn more about us.


What types of accidents are covered?

  • We’ve all felt the pressure to take out last minute insurance excess waiver when hiring a car, but some pre-planning can save ewe sheeps! We cover you for...

  • - Multiple and single vehicle accidents
    - Hitting an animal (if your rental company covers it)
    - Cracked or damaged windscreens
    - Overhead damage
    - Underbody damage
    - Damage to wheels
    - Cracked or damaged lights
    - Damage to bumpers and trim
    - and more.

Why buy car hire excess insurance?

Paying big bucks for rental excess cover is a real downer. For too long now, rental car companies have been pulling the wool over their customers’ eyes.

Not only is our product around 50%* lower than many standard car hire companies, we lower any excess payable down to $0. Our standalone car rental excess insurance policy is specifically designed to protect you against the excessive waiver fees that car hire companies try to charge you. 

*Compared to daily damage liability fees from Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz & more! Based on 12 days rental hire in NSW.


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Car Hire excess Review

I saved over $100 dollars thanks to
Car Hire Excess. So
glad my friend 
reccommended rather than me paying the collision damage waiver at the depot.

John Higgs, NSW

Car Hire excess Review

I always shop around to compare car hire excess insurance. 
Don't let the car hire companies charge you extra that you don't need to pay!

Kate Haven, VIC

Car Hire excess Review

What a cute and easy- to-use website. I got quotes in two mins and saved myself $98 dollars.

Sara Thompson, WA

Car Hire excess Review

I had an accident in my hire car hitting a kangaroo in Goulburn. So glad I took out excess reduction insurance or I would have been seriously out of pocket.

Peter Smith, NSW



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