What is car hire excess insurance What is car hire excess insurance?

So you’re off on a road trip. Lucky ewe!

Hiring a car on holiday is great way to explore new roads, a convenient alternative to public transport and is usually very affordable. That is, until the great rate creep sneaks in. Hire car companies in Australia are renowned for landing you with unforseen charges at the last minute, including the opportunity to reduce your car hire excess when you front up at the rental counter.

If you hire a rental car and it is damaged or stolen you could be liable to cover the cost of the rental car excess. For a standard car this is usually between $3,000 and $5,000. It is common for car hire companies to try and upsell you a hefty daily fee that will reduce your excess to around $300. The good news is there are better ways to reduce your excess liability.

Don't get fleeced!

Get a sheep deal with Baaaney instead. When you collect your car from the car rental desk, SAY NO to the products offered by the car rental company representative.

Wool you believe it?

One-weeks’ worth of rental car excess cover from Thrifty, for example, will set you back $230. On the other hand, one week’s worth of excess reduction fees with us is as little as $91. Oh my goat, that’s more than a 60% saving right there!

What we cover

Should an incident occur during your rental period, the car rental company will assess the damage and charge your credit card on file with the excess amount stated within your signed contract.

We cover excess reimbursement and more

Should an incident occur during your rental period, the car hire company will assess the damage and charge your credit card with the excess amount stated within your rental agreement. We will reimburse you for this out-of-pocket expense. We will reimburse the rental vehicle insurance excess that you are charged or the cost of repairing the rental vehicle, whichever is the lesser. All we need is a copy of the rental agreement and a receipt showing how much you have been charged. Too easy! We will also pay for any associated costs in returning the vehicle to its nearest depot if you are unfit to do so.

Don’t be out of pocket!

With our car hire excess insurance, you won’t have anything to pay in the event of a claim. That’s right, with our policy you will have a nil excess, zero, zip, zilch, nada!

Scenarios covered

We’ll cover you whether you're heading on a cross-country expedition, zipping away for the weekend, or embarking on an epic road trip overseas. Our policies cover hiring a car both within Australia and overseas for up to 180 consecutive days.

Common claim scenarios include:
• Windscreens that are cracked or damaged
• Tyres, wheels and undercarriage damage
• Overhead damage
• Lights damage
• Bumper and trim
• Vehicle theft

Still not sure, our cute roadmap to car hire excess has the answers.

Buy sheep rental car excess insurance

Our rental vehicle excess cover starts at $4,000 and can be increased in increments of $1,000 up to a maximum of $8,000.

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Further reading

Get a woolly good deal when you see the prices we charge compared to the rental companies!

Although we cover a range of car calamities, some exclusions still apply to your cover.

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