What is car hire excess insurance Roadmap to car hire excess

roadmap to car hire excess

Looking to hit the road? Here’s a tip! When you hire a car from a rental car company you’ll usually be charged up to $35 per day to lower your excess! Now that’s baaarmy! For a sheeper, easier path to car hire excess follow our simple steps.
1. Rent your ride 
Hire your wheels from any licensed company for some road-trippin’ fun.
2. Don’t get fleeced 
Refuse the expensive excess waiver fees at the depot and save with a sheeper Car Hire Excess policy instead.
3. Holiday spends
For just over $11* per day,  spend more on the stuff you love.
4. Worldwide cover
Domestic or transatlantic, you’re covered to drive at home and away. Sheeperb!
5. All cars covered 
Whether you rent a Ferrari, Fiat or Ford , you’re good to go!
6. Had to pay for car damages? 
No furries! You’ll be reimbursed for any excess or repair costs you pay, with no questions asked.
7. Don’t pay a penny
With zero excess on claims, you won’t need to pay a cent in damage repairs- zero, zip, zilch!

Say no at the depot!
Car hire companies excess waivers are pricey. Say no at the depot and opt for a sheeper car hire policy that reduces your excess to zero!

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