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family road trip

Are you embaaarking on a family road trip? Does the thought of keeping your family flock entertained for hours on end give you the heebiesheepies? Keep calm as we tell you how to keep the little nippers in check with minimal ca-lambities!
1. Boredom busters: Create personalised binders with colouring-in sheets, games on-the-go and maps of your driving route.
2. Store in style: Attach baskets of toys, treats and general supplies to car windows using adhesive suction pads.

3. Munchies for the motorway: Fill novelty lunch boxes with snacks, nibbles and plenty of delicious distractors.
4. Listen and learn: Audio books played through the car speakers are a great way to quieten the commotion.
5. Discover your destination: Teach the kids facts about your final destination and quiz them on route.
6. Window decoration: Yes, that’s right whiteboard markers (definitely not permanent) can be used for window-art road trippin’ fun.
7. Boo-boo kit: Necessities like band aids, paracetamol and general first aid supplies will keep booboos at bay.

8. Road trip scavenger hunt: Look out for online printables- kids can cross out the objects they see along the way.

Despite the odd tear or tantrum, you've reached your destination drama free! A road trip with the rugrats may not be relaxing, but our tips can minimise any motorway meltdowns.

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