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So you’re in the market to hire a car with Europcar, but you’re not 100% sure if they're the right company to go with? Don’t wooly, if Europcar car hire has you confused, Baaaney can answer all your curly questions!

Get geared up and ready to go with all our handy faq's below.

Who are Europcar?

With over 60 years of experience, Europcar is a global leader in car rental and offer a massive selection of vehicles for hire, from small cars to luxury cars and vans.

Who can hire a car with Europcar?

Any authorized driver who holds a current license (not provisional or probationary). The required driver's license must be in English with photo and produced at the commencement of the rental. Should the license be in another language or have no photo, an International Driving Permit must accompany it.

What are their age restrictions?

Those over 21 years of age are eligible to hire.

Are any roads off limits?

Europcar regard certain parts of Australia not suitable for access by rental vehicles. To prevent damage to the Vehicle and for your own personal safety they enforce conditions that restrict the use of the vehicle  on certain roads and terrains unless they have given written consent.

Do they pose any distance restrictions?

A few roads are off limits such as north of Cooktown or Laura in Queenstown, the Tanami Track and the Gunbarrel Highway in Western Australia, or the Northern Territory.  See their terms and conditions for full details on where you cannot drive. 

Do Europcar cover items stolen from within the hire car?

No, there isn't cover for luggage and personal effects of the driver or passengers.

Use of vehicle

Like any rental car companies, you cannot use their vehicles for any illegal purposes, racing, contests or performance tests of any kind. You must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or have a blood alcohol content that exceeds the legal limit in the State or Territory in which the vehicle is driven.

Extra benefits

Hiring a car with Europcar offers additonal benefits like snow cover, and 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, toddler safety seats and sat nav systems.

Exxy collison waiver fees

If you hire a vehicle with Europcar and it is damaged during your care you are required to pay damage liability of over $4,000 unless you take out their Loss Damage Waiver. This costs over $24 dollars a day which reduces your damage liability to around $300-$500.

Additional amounts payable

Even if you accept their Loss Damage Waiver option and pay their Excess Reduction, you still have to pay the full amount for any overhead, underbody or water damages, plus any repairs on tyres. 

Don’t get fleeced

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