drink driving around the world Drink driving fines around the world

drink driving penalties around the world

We all love a tipple or two, especially when you’re on your holidays. But let’s face it unlike gin and tonic, drink and driving do not mix well. Penalties for getting behind the wheel intoxicated vary hugely around the world, so before you ride, be wise and check out the hefty punishments before you sink that second or third drink!
Australia: In Oz, getting on the grog before you drive can lead to fines, license suspensions, imprisonment and a medical assessment. She ‘won’t’ be right mate!

Malaysia: Unless you want to lose your license and your marriage, stay clear of the beer in Malaysia before taking a spin. If you’re jailed for drink driving, your spouse can expect the same punishment.

South Africa: We all want our vacations to last the distance, but a 10-year prison sentence (and the equivalent of a $10,000.00 fine for being smashed while steering) might be pushing it.

Turkey: The Turkish punishment for driving under the influence is no walk in the park. In Turkey, drunk drivers are taken 20 miles out of town by police and forced to walk back under escort.

Taiwan:You certainly don’t want to be caught trollied in Taiwan. If you cause serious injury or death to another person when you’re driving, you yourself could face the death penalty!

Saudi Arabia: Drunk-driving is strictly illegal in UAE. Corporal punishment from driving under influence can lead to lashings.

Norway: Find yourself inebriated in Norway and you could be looking at three weeks in jail or a sentence of hard labour. A second offense within five years can revoke your licence for life.
Mexico: Fancy a margarita in Mexico? Maybe not. Foreigners with recent drunk-driving criminal convictions are generally refused entry at the border.

Germany: Getting giddy in Germany while cycling could have similar consequences to drink driving. Depending on your blood alcohol limit, you could be looking at a minimum €500 fine, license suspension and a court appearance.

Know your limits

More than one unit of alcohol per hour will put you over the limit. Remember not all drinks are created equal.

1.8 units in a standard glass of wine
1 unit in a shot of vodka (30ml)
1.5 units in a schooner of full strength beer
7 units in a 750ml bottle of wine!

Drink driving, no matter where you are in the world can be a wooly silly idea. You'd be maaad to go over the limit before you hit the road. Whether you're at home or abroad, take our tip and steer clear of the drink before you drive.

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