Car Hire Excess Comparision    Car Hire Excess Comparison

When you're hiring a car it seems logical to pay the excess reduction fees. After all, who wants to be stuck with an enormous bill in the event of a smash? No thanks! However, the costly excess reduction fees offered by car hire companies can often drain your wallet faster than a leaky gas tank. With time-a-ticking and huge expenses to weigh up you may feel you have no choice but to hand over your credit card!

Don’t be fleeced by overpriced excess reduction fees. The huge mark-ups car hire companies charge are exorbitant and uneccessary.

Easily save 50% when you buy with Baaaney! 

Our excess reduction insurance is a far cheaper option than anything your car rental company has to offer. Need proof? Just check out the comparison chart below! 

To reduce your excess to approximately $300 major car hire companies will usually charge a per-day rate of $22 to $33 a day.

Meanwhile our cover will cost you around $10 a day*, in turn reducing your excess to $0. That means you pay absolutely nothing in the event of an accident!

Compare car hire excess





Avis $24 per day, $168 per week $10 per day*, $91 per week
Budget $22.73 per day, $159 per week $10 per day*, $91 per week
Europcar $26.55 per day, $186 per week $10 per day*, $91 per week
Hertz $29.09 per day, $204 per week $10 per day*, $91 per week
Thrifty $33 per day, $231 per week $10 per day*, $91 per week

*Based on one weeks hire in NSW. Rates reduce further to under $8 a day if hiring a vehicle for a month.

Why else should ewe buy with Baaaney? 

More cover 
Cover you buy direct from car hire companies often excludes insurance for overhead, water and underbody damage. We cover those and more. 

Pay nothing if you have an accident
Don't pay more for less! For a fraction of the price of the rental companies, our policy reduces your rental car excess down to $0. That means you pay nothing if you have an accident. On the other hand, the majority of rental companies make you pay a motza to reduce your excess down to a few hundreds dollars. So despite those inflated fees you'll still have to pay in the event of an accident. That's Baaaney bonkers!

All types of vehicles 
Whether you’re hiring a Ferrari or a VW Campervan, we cover you for all types of 
vehicles so long as they do not exceed 4.5 tonnes.

Worldwide cover 
It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a car in Townsville or Timbuktu, we offer you the same great cover no matter where you are. 

Cover for theft 
We hope ewe don’t get fleeced, but if your car hire does get swiped we’ve got your back. 

All hire car companies are covered 
Whether your car is hired from Avis or Budget, Thrifty or Europcar we really don't mind. So long as you've rented a car from a registered company you're in safe hands.

Simply does it
Our policy does what it says on the tin. We simply cover any car rental excess that you may have to pay should you have an accident.

Cover for all 
We don’t mind if you’re not a true-blue Aussie. So long as you call Australia home you can buy a policy with baaaney!

Don’t get fleeced

Get peace of mind with a cheap car hire excess quote from baaaney today! 

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