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What is car hire excess insurance

What is car hire excess insurance?

Hiring a car on holiday is great way to explore new roads, a convenient alternative to public transport and is usually very affordable. That is, until the great rate creep sneaks in. Hire car companies in Australia are renowned for landing you with unforeseen charges at the last minute, including the opportunity to reduce your car hire excess when you front up at the rental counter.

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Car Hire Excess Comparision

Car hire excess comparison

When you're hiring a car it seems logical to pay the excess reduction fees. After all, who wants to be stuck with an enormous bill in the event of a smash? No thanks! However, the costly excess reduction fees offered by car hire companies can often drain your wallet faster than a leaky gas tank. With time-a-ticking and huge expenses to weigh up you may feel you have no choice but to hand over your credit card!

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What we dont cover

What we don't cover

Rules were meant to be broken, except when it comes to road safety. While we celebrate adventure out on the highway, we expect you to take reasonable care of your car and yourself at all times. We also like to keep things simple- if your car hire company has specified they will not cover something- it’s unlikely that we will either.

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Worlds best road trips

World's best road trips

When you want to get off the grid, it’s easy to get caught up planning on your destination. However, your journey can be so much more than just getting from A-B. Hit the road with our list of the world’s best ever driving trips!

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Australias best road trips

Australia's best road trips

Ahh, we love a sunburnt country, we bet you feel the same! Australia is one of the world’s top tourist spots and explorers from all walks of life will find something unique to love in our diverse island home. So what better way to explore all that vast terrain than by road? We hit the tarmac and discovered some of the best road trips down under.

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Online car hire rental

Compare online car hire

So the holiday is booked, accommodation is confirmed, flights are finalised, it’s about that time to look online and book in the hire car. But with so many online options, how do you know which is best? We tell you how to bag a baaagain when booking your rental car online.

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Online car hire rental

Road safety tips

Simply put; car accidents take a heavy toll. Even a minor ping can cost you a bundle and be an utter inconvenience. Of course, on the other end of the scale, a major accident can be ruinous and completely life-altering. Take the following precautions to minimise your risk when heading on that road trip. 

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car excess travel insurance

Car hire excess vs travel insurance

It's true, many travel insurance policies do include car hire excess cover, but there are quite a few restrictions to pay attention to. If you're not sure whether you need a standalone excess reduction policy or if travel insurance is enough, we're here to help.

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drink driving around the world

Drink driving penalties around the world

Drink driving, no matter where you are in the world can be a wooly silly idea. You'd be maaad to go over the limit before you hit the road. Whether you're at home or abroad, take our tip and steer clear of the drink before you drive.

Think before you sink that drink! 


Does rental car excess cover third party insurance?

Hiring a car? Accidents can happen, but what happens if you do hit another vehicle? Our guide explains when rental vehicle excess insurance covers you for third party damages..

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Road triippers can easily save 50% when they buy with us. Car hire companies will usually charge a per-day rate of $22 to $33 a day which reduces your excess to around $300. Meanwhile our cover will cost you less than $10 a day based on a week's hire in turn reducing your excess to $0. That means you pay absolutely nothing in the event of an accident. Getting fleeced by your rental car company isn't much fun, refuse the excess reduction or waivers sold at the front counter when you pick up the car. Our handy tips and guides help to explain all the ins and outs so you can be sure you;re getting a woolly good deal!


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Car Hire excess Review

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Car Hire excess Review

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Car Hire excess Review

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