Credit Voucher & Refund Terms

Baarney Baaargain

We Herd Ewe!  Things sometimes go baa-aad and we're all about delivering baa-mazing service. If you're no longer picking up your hire car and don't require your policy, we have a few options for you.

Australia Car Hire Excess


All of our policies come with a "cooling-off" period during which time you can receive a refund on your policy.  You have up to 14 days before the policy start date, to decide if the policy is right for you.  If you decide that you no longer want it, or it no longer suits your needs, just let us know and your premium will be refunded in full provided that:

  • Your policy hasn't started (your refund request is prior to the start date shown on your certificate of insurance)
  • You haven't picked up your vehicle
  • You haven't made a claim or intend to make a claim on your policy.

You can cancel your policy online via our Policy Manager and receive a refund in full to the credit card used to buy your policy.


Overseas rental car excess


If you're no longer picking up your hire car and you're outside of the cooling-off period, in exceptional circumstances we may cancel your policy and issue you with a credit voucher which you can use at a later date.



These Terms and Conditions set out the circumstances in which The Insurance Geeks Pty Ltd  ("Car Hire Excess", "we", "us" and/or "our") may at its discretion provide a credit voucher to a customer ("customer", "you" or "your") upon cancellation of an existing car hire excess policy outside of the standard cooling-off period.

In administering these Terms and Conditions, we will only deal with the person named on the Certificate of Insurance, unless special circumstances exist. We reserve the right to refuse to deal with you if you are not named on the policy.

If you ask us to cancel your policy, we will do so. At our absolute discretion, we will consider providing you with a credit voucher to the full or partial value of the premium you paid to us for you to use for future policy(s) with us. Once your policy is cancelled, this means that it no longer exists and you won’t be able to make a claim on it. The credit voucher must be used within 548 days from the date that we issue the credit voucher to you, subject the Terms and Conditions below:

  • You request us to cancel your existing insurance policy; and
  • Your policy hasn't started and you confirm that you haven't picked up your vehicle; and

  • You confirm that you have not made a claim under your current insurance policy and do not intend to make one.

If we agree to provide you with a credit voucher, then you must use the credit voucher to purchase a new policy within 18 months from the issue date of the credit. If you still have credit remaining, you may purchase a further policy, providing it is still purchased within 548 days from the date we issued the credit to you.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or anything is unclear.